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      Discontinued Badminton Racket Notice and Disclaimer


      1. Limited Supply: The quantity of discontinued badminton rackets is limited. Once sold out, we cannot guarantee future stock availability.
      2. No Guarantee: Due to the rarity of discontinued products, we cannot guarantee that every customer will be able to purchase a specific model or specification of the racket.
      3. Accessory Issues: Discontinued rackets do not have replacement parts, but the following accessories need special attention:
        • Grommets: If missing or damaged, there are no original replacements, only non-original substitutes.
        • Grip Tape: The transparent packaging may discolor over time, and the grip tape inside may degrade due to long storage, becoming melted or powdered. Replacement items are available for purchase if needed.
        • Original Racket Cover: Due to long production times, the original racket cover may be missing or damaged. It may be replaced with a cover from the same or another brand. Covers made of materials like plastic or PU may crack, melt, or disintegrate over time.
      4. Warranty: Maintenance of rackets is handled by the brand. As these products are discontinued, the agent does not handle warranties, and no warranty service is provided. Customers need to understand and assume all risks before purchasing.
      5. After-Sales Service: We will do our best to provide after-sales service for discontinued products. However, as the brand agent cannot offer maintenance, in case of any damage, our shop can only offer non-official paid repairs and part replacements (parts need to be purchased separately), which may not meet all needs.


      1. Product Supply: As the product has been discontinued, supply conditions are subject to market changes, and we cannot guarantee continuous supply.
      2. Product Quality: We will strive to ensure all products sold meet the quality standards at the time of production, but discontinued products may show slight cosmetic imperfections due to long storage times.
      3. Price Fluctuation: The prices of discontinued products may change due to market demand and scarcity. The final selling price is based on the cost at the time of purchase. We will strive to keep prices accurate and stable.
      4. Information Accuracy: Information provided by our shop about discontinued products (such as specifications and features) is based on currently known data and may slightly differ from actual conditions.
      5. Force Majeure: Our shop is not responsible for delivery delays or product damage caused by force majeure factors (such as natural disasters or transportation disruptions).
      6. Expectation Management: We understand customers’ expectations for the racket, but discontinued products have inherent risks due to their long production times. Customers should fully understand and accept these risks before purchasing.

      Please read the above notice and disclaimer carefully before purchasing a discontinued badminton racket and make a cautious decision based on your needs. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at any time.

      Contact Information: Office: +852 23294568
      WhatsApp: +852 52257784

      Termination of PayPal Support

      Termination of PayPal Support

      Dear Valued Customers,

      It is with regret that we inform you of a significant change in our payment options. Due to repeated issues that have negatively impacted both our store and our customers, we have found it necessary to terminate our partnership with PayPal. This decision was not made lightly, and we feel truly disheartened by the circumstances that have led us to this point.

      Why This Change?

      Despite our best efforts, ongoing challenges with PayPal have forced us to take this action to protect the interests of our customers and our business. We have exhausted all feasible alternatives, and discontinuing PayPal support was the only viable option left.

      Important Notice to Customers

      To avoid potential losses, we advise our customers to refrain from using PayPal. If it is absolutely necessary for you to use PayPal, please contact our customer service team to make special arrangements.

      Alternative Payment Methods

      We are committed to providing you with secure and convenient payment options. You can continue to enjoy a seamless shopping experience using the following alternatives:

      • Credit and Debit Cards: We accept all major credit and debit cards.
      • Bank Transfers: Direct bank transfers are available for your convenience.
      • PayMe
      • Alipay
      • WeChat Pay
      • AliPay
      • Wire Transfer
      • X Pay: Pay in 3 installments
      • Hero Plus: Pay in 4 installments
      • Union Pay
      • Octopus O! ePay Payment

      We will be adding more payment methods in the future to ensure you have a seamless shopping experience.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and secure shopping experience for all our customers.

      If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

      Thank you for your continued support.

      Best regards,
      e78 Shop Team

      新增X Pay 先買後付付款,新用戶註冊送你HKD80

      新增X Pay 先買後付付款,新用戶註冊送你HKD80

      用 X Pay 換取多啲時間,今日只付三分一。

      你可先享受,用 X Pay 將消費分三期免息付款(於第一天、一個月後、兩個月後支付)。HK$0 利息、無隱藏費用。






      Free installment




      Virtual Payment



      開始使用 X Pay

      第 1 步

      註冊及掃描 X Pay 二維碼

      下載 X Wallet App,在實體店前台掃 X Pay 二維碼付款,輸入消費金額。

      下載 X Wallet App,在實體店前台掃 X Pay 二維碼付款,輸入消費金額。

      第 2 步



      支付安全是我們的首要考慮。我們透過獲 PCI 驗證的支付網關提供商啟用3DS驗證和數據加密保障用戶安全支付。

      第 3 步






      喜歡 X Pay 的原因

      今日只付 1/3 ,三個月內自動支付餘下消費款項。
      X Pay 為你設定個人化的消費限額避免過度消費。
      X Pay 為你設定個人化的消費限額避免過度消費。

      新用戶於e78 首次使用 X Pay,消費滿 HK$1,000減 HK$80。

      promo code:E7880XPAY (X Pay App內使用)

      e78 付款 QR Code

      灣仔Popup Store將與各位暫別🙏🏻

      灣仔Popup Store將與各位暫別🙏🏻

      由於灣仔Popup Store因Fdx10a工作室業務轉營關係要暫時同大家講聲再見🙏🏻由即日起會暫停接收新訂單,零售及舊單自取務服務都會間2023年8月6日暫停,請未取貨的客人盡快在暫停前取貨,逾期未取的會轉回新蒲崗店領取📦敬請留意🔔請到店前敬請查詢營業情況。
      十分多謝各位5個月嚟的支持同埋體諒,我哋一定會繼續努力,希望未來可以再有更多Popup store或者分店,有需要嘅客歡迎蒞臨我們網店及新蒲崗總店購物,更多夏日活動及優惠陸續推出,敬請各位留意👀

      Due to the business transformation of Fdx10a Studio, our Wan Chai Popup Store will temporarily bid farewell🙏🏻 Starting from today, we will only accept new orders and our retail and self-pickup services will be suspended on August 6th, 2023. We kindly remind customers who haven't picked up their orders to do so before the suspension. Any uncollected orders will be transferred to our San Po Kong store📦 Please stay tuned for updates on our business hours.

      We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and understanding over the past 5 months. We will continue to work hard and hope to open more Popup stores or branches in the future. For those in need, please visit our online store and San Po Kong store for shopping. More summer activities and promotions will be launched soon, please stay tuned👀