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Sale  Arcsaber 11 New Color SP Ver.
2017 New Design for Lee Yong Dae - Arcsaber 11 The Y...
HK$1,780.00 HK$830.00
Sale  Arcsaber 7 Ver1
Color: Silver/Yellow Level: Advance #Flex: Medium #...
HK$1,490.00 HK$690.00
Sale  Arcsaber FB (New Color) SP Ver.
​ 2015 New Design!! For ArcSaber FB badminto...
HK$1,090.00 HK$750.00
Sale  ASTROX 77 Metallic Blue SP Ver.
​​ ​   ...
HK$1,100.00 HK$760.00
Sale  ASTROX 77 Shine Yellow TW Ver.
​​ ​ Des...
HK$1,100.00 HK$730.00
Sale  DUORA 7 TW Ver
​ All-round model to get the edge on the court with for...
HK$1,480.00 HK$780.00
Sale  Nanoray 750 New Color SP Ver
The Yonex NanoRay 750 ( NR750 ) Shine Gold 2013 badminton ra...
HK$1,290.00 HK$650.00
Sale  Nanoray 900 New Color SP Ver
2017 New Color Navy Blue. A totally new frame that suppresse...
HK$1,390.00 HK$799.00
Sale  Voltric 70 E-tune SP Ver
Level: Advance Type: Offensive Flex: Medium Head: S...
HK$1,230.00 HK$590.00
Sale  Voltric LD-Force SP Ver.
​ Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling ...
HK$1,280.00 HK$790.00
Sale  Voltric Z-Force II SP Ver.
Unleashing the newest racquet from Yonex – the Voltric Z-F...
HK$1,280.00 HK$750.00
Sale  Woods N90
Color:Red; Length: 674mm Balance Point: 304mm Flex:...
HK$2,419.00 HK$1,190.00
3D Breakfree 80 Speed (Gold)
3D break free technology with innovative air blade design re...
3D Breakfree N80II
3D break free technology with innovative air blade design re...
Sale 3D Breakfree N90-Ⅲ (International ver.)
Color:White,Red; Length: 675mm Balance Point: 302mm ...
HK$2,590.00 HK$1,050.00
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