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Sale   Voltric I-Force
Use explosive power and strong attacks to overpower your opp...
HK$1,200.00 HK$780.00
Sale  Arcsaber 8DX
Yonex ArcSaber 8DX badminton racket is the latest addition t...
HK$1,680.00 HK$650.00
Sale  Brave Sword 11 CH Ver
Origin: Made in China Color: Red,White,Dark Gray Stiff...
HK$1,300.00 HK$990.00
Sale  Brave Sword 12N CN Ver
Color:Gray Stiffness:S--*--F Balance:HH--*--HL ...
HK$1,080.00 HK$850.00
Sale  Brave Sword LYD CN Ver
Victor Brave Sword LYD Badminton Racket Color: Yellow,Whi...
HK$1,680.00 HK$960.00
Sale  Li-Ning N9
Color:Black Stiffness:Flexible Balance Point:Head Heav...
HK$1,390.00 HK$890.00
Sale  Nanoray 700 FX SP Ver
Optimize your lightning quick attacks on the court with the ...
HK$1,290.00 HK$720.00
Sale  Nanoray 800 SP Ver.
Send each strike over the net with crazy repulsion power –...
HK$1,290.00 HK$890.00
Sale  Thruster K Onigiri New Orange
Victor Thruster K Onigiri New Orange Badminton ...
HK$1,600.00 HK$1,050.00
Sale  Voltric Z-Force II SP Ver.
Unleashing the newest racquet from Yonex – the Voltric Z-F...
HK$1,280.00 HK$990.00
Sale  Woods N90-II
Color:Red; Colour: Red & Gold Weight: W3(85-89g...
HK$2,539.00 HK$990.00
3D Breakfree 80 Speed (Silver)
3D break free technology with innovative air blade design re...
3D Breakfree N80II
3D break free technology with innovative air blade design re...
Sale 3D Breakfree N90-Ⅲ (International ver.)
Color:White,Red; Length: 675mm Balance Point: 302mm ...
HK$2,590.00 HK$990.00
5 Dimensional 2
Color:Yellow Length: 670mm Balance: 280-292mm Strin...
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