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Sale  3D Breakfree N80II
3D break free technology with innovative air blade design re...
HK$1,280.00 HK$870.00
Sale  Arcsaber 11 New Color SP Ver.
2017 New Design for Lee Yong Dae - Arcsaber 11 The Y...
HK$1,780.00 HK$830.00
Sale  Arcsaber 7 Ver1
Color: Silver/Yellow Level: Advance #Flex: Medium #...
HK$1,490.00 HK$690.00
Sale  Arcsaber FB (New Color) SP Ver.
​ 2015 New Design!! For ArcSaber FB badminto...
HK$1,090.00 HK$750.00
Sale  ASTROX 77 Metallic Blue SP Ver.
​​ ​   ...
HK$1,100.00 HK$760.00
Sale  ASTROX 77 Shine Yellow SP Ver.
​​ ​ Des...
HK$1,100.00 HK$760.00
Sale  DUORA 7 TW Ver
​ All-round model to get the edge on the court with for...
HK$1,480.00 HK$780.00
Sale  DUORA Z-Strike SP Ver.
​ ​ Offensive racquet spec...
HK$1,100.00 HK$850.00
Sale  Nanoray 750 New Color SP Ver
The Yonex NanoRay 750 ( NR750 ) Shine Gold 2013 badminton ra...
HK$1,290.00 HK$650.00
Sale  Nanoray 900 New Color SP Ver
2017 New Color Navy Blue. A totally new frame that suppresse...
HK$1,390.00 HK$799.00
Sale  Voltric 70 E-tune SP Ver
Level: Advance Type: Offensive Flex: Medium Head: S...
HK$1,230.00 HK$620.00
Sale  Voltric Z-Force II SP Ver.
Unleashing the newest racquet from Yonex – the Voltric Z-F...
HK$1,280.00 HK$750.00
Sale  Woods N90
Color:Red; Length: 674mm Balance Point: 304mm Flex:...
HK$2,419.00 HK$1,190.00
Sale  YONEX 2018 Japan Team Game Shirt 10261 JP Ver
YONEX Game Shirt 10261 Color: White Description: Sweat...
HK$599.00 HK$499.00
Sale  YONEX 2018 Japan Team Game Shirt 10269
YONEX Game Shirt 10260 Color: White /Charcoal Descript...
HK$599.00 HK$499.00
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