RAKUWA NECKLACE Magnetic Titanium Metal Top

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Product Information
Country of Origin Japan
Size 50cm
Color Black / Gold、Red / Gold
Material  Body fabric: Polyester
Core: Magnet
Fastener: Stainless steel, urethane

Aqua titanium X50

Micro Titanium Ball

Necklace with improved shoulder stiffness
For those who have been suffering from neck and shoulder stiffness for a long time. RAKUWA neck with a chic and high-class design that cannot be seen as a necklace with anti-stiffness.
Gold and silver are used as the colors for the string and fasteners. It is not too flashy, and it is casual and elegant, perfect for a suit style.
Powerful magnetism applied to all cores of the string wraps the neck and shoulders to improve blood circulation. Improves stiffening of the hardened attachment area.

■ Notes
* Those who use implantable medical electrical devices that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, such as pacemakers, and medical electrical devices that may be magnetically affected, such as variable pressure shunts for cerebrospinal fluid shunting Do not use it because it may cause the device to malfunction.
* If you are receiving medical treatment, please consult with your doctor before using this product.

Materials Material Fabric: Polyester String: Core: Magnet (with micro titanium ball) Fastener: Stainless steel + Polyacetal + Crystal

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