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"POWER CUSHION COMFORT Z" puts the conventional power cushion on the entire midsole and the "power cushion plus" with elastic resin added in the heel section, while maintaining light weight, it has higher impact absorption Enabled.

In addition, with the synergistic effect with "Full cushion sole + S", it boasts one of the best cushioning properties in the history of Yonex badminton shoes. And, Velo and Upper are united, and a new shape "spiral wrap" that relieves stress as much as possible is also arranged, realizing a natural fit.

Foot-friendly 3E low-cut model with full power cushion.

Color: Black (007)

Upper: Synthetic fiber

Midsole: Synthetic resin

Outsole: rubber soles

Size: 22.0 ~ 29.0 (cm)

Function: ·

Power cushion plus · Power cushion · Full cushion sole + S · round sole · toe assist shape · Flection upper · Hyper feather light · Synchrofit Sinsoul · Power carbon · Dura Bull Skin Light

Product Technology: POWER CUSHION, Round Sole, Ergoshape, Hexagrip



Materials Upper: Synthetic fiber Midsole: Synthetic resin Outsole: rubber soles

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