Badminton Racket Powerizer SB0015

Brand: Preson
Product Code: SB0015
Availability: 10

For Badminton Racket

Increases swingweight and adjusts racket balance

Racket Powerizer is an accessory that adds weight to a racket. It is a made of metal with special glue on the back that allows it to be attached firmly to the racket.

Powerizer is a racket accessory developed from the momentum of inertia principle; by using racket Powerizer, the balance point of a racket is moved towards its head. In the instant that the racket is swung, the further the racket balance point is from our wrist (the force application point) the greater the centrifugal force felt and so the heavier the racket head will be.
The increased centrifugal force caused by momentum of inertia will increase the striking power of your shot. However, swinging greater momentum of inertia also requires correspondingly greater muscle strength, so the key to using Powerizer isn’t “the more the merrier ,”it is finding the racket weight that feels best for you.


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