RAKUWA Necklace X100 Mirror Ball

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Pure titanium employed on the Mirror Ball
Pure titanium is employed on the ball-shaped clasp.
Its surface has been polished with the logo of Phiten engraved.

Applied with AQUA TITAN “X100” permeation
It employs the cord “X100”, which permeates AQUA TITAN in 100 times higher than standard


Ball-shaped clasp excellent in design
*Easy fastening and unfastening clasp with a magnet.

Caution on usage:
.Do not apply on eczema, rash or scar..
.If any abnormalities such as itching on skin are observed, stop using immediately and consult with physician.
.Do not use when bathing, sleeping, or sea-bathing at beach to avoid injury, color change, and breakage.
.If you are worried about dirt, wash this product in water or tepid water and dry naturally. (Do not tumbler dry.)
.If you use the product being wet with water or sweat, color may be transferred to fabric. Dry early.
.Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.
.As this product uses metal for clasp, do not wear to avoid a danger when you exercise intensively.
.Treating product violently may cause deformation or breakage. Especially avoid pulling strongly.
.The surface tends to be easily scratched. Avoid contacts to other materials.
.Do not wear at taking a sauna or you may have burn injury.
.Do not keep this product within reach of children.
.If you tangle your fingers in this product, unexpected accident may happen. Please take attention.
.Clasp is processed to show unique texture, gloss, and coloration. Scratching or peeling off may occur in depending of handling.
.Read instructions carefully for fastening and unfastening clasp because it may cause breakage.
.Magnet is applied for clasp.
.Refrain from usage if the person is using self-contained electric device or medical device such as pacemaker and cerebral fruid variable shunt, which could be affected by electromagnetic disturbance and magnetic influence. The product may cause malfunctioning of such devices.
.Consult with doctor for those who matches following cases:
(1) Cancer (2) Cardiac disturbance(angina & myocardial infarction) (3)Pregnancy or just after delivery (4) Disturbance of perception by peripheral circulatory failure due to disease as diabetes and so on (5) Wound or infection on skin (6) Required bed rest (7) Body temperature more than 38 degree Celsius(duration of fever) (8) Acute pain disorder as sprain or muscle strain
.Keep away from magnet-sensitive items as watch, magnetic card, floppy disc etc.
.Do not alter this necklace by yourself.

Technology: (AQUA TITAN X100, Micro Titan Ball)


Product Information
Country of Origin Japan
Cord (Surface) Polyester
Cord (Core) Elastomer
Clasp Titanium, Partially stainless steel
Magnet Neodymium
Materials Polyester

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