Isometric TR0 Training 150g

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High Quality Training Racket to Help You Condition and Improve.

Yonex Isometric TR 0 is the perfect badminton racket for players that are serious about improving their game. Designed to help improve your technique, the Trainer Pro is 150g, allowing you to condition and strengthen your wrist during practice sessions and warm-ups, and in turn improving your play when you move back to your other rackets. The addition of the Isometric head shape allows you to practice your shots and skills with a racket that has the same head-shape as your main Yonex racket, allowing you to improve your technique and swing before using your main racket during matches.

Level: Training

Type: Training

Flex: Medium

Frame: Graphite

Shaft: Graphite

Head: Square/Isometric

Weight / Grip Size: 150g, G4

Stringing Advice: 3U 20-29lbs, 4U 21-28lbs

Colour: Black Pink

B.Pt: Even Balance

Level Training
Type Traing
Balance Even Balance
Shaft Flexibility Medium
Head Type Isometric
Materials Frame: GRAPHITE Shaft:Graphite

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