Yonex Aerosensa 40 Shuttlecock

Brand: YONEX
Product Code: AS-40
Availability: 35

5 or more HK$208.00
10 or more HK$206.00
25 or more HK$204.00
50 or more HK$202.00
100 or more HK$200.00

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* Shuttle Speed:

Maximize performance on the court with the AS-40 shuttlecock - the ultimate in quality and uniform performance. For advanced, lightning-fast play, the AS-40 electrifies the game with its speed, stable trajectory and consistently quick recovery time.  The base of the AS-40 is constructed of 100% solid cork, and the cone is made of goose feathers.  The choice of The Olympics and other major international tournaments, the AS-40 gives excellent performance in any playing environment. 

Materials 100% solid cork, goose feathers

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